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devAlley project is started by Niraj Makhare as a public library for artists and game designers, providing free high-quality stylized PBR textures. With goal is to create variety of assets that are, highest in quality, 100% free, every texture we release is governed by the CC0 license, which designates them as public domain resources. This means they can be employed by anyone, without limitations, for any purpose. You have full liberty to adapt, utilize, and distribute them without the need for attribution or acknowledgment of their source (although it is appreciated). Our commitment extends beyond mere usage rights. In today's online landscape inundated with downloadable 3D assets, we prioritize quality over quantity.

Our principles

We are providing a wide range of high-quality stylized PBR textures, giving artists and game designers the freedom to explore their creativity.

Accessibility and Convenience

Quality and Variety

devAlley offers easily obtainable 3D textures, making it simple for artists and game designers to find and use the resources they need.

Meet the creator



Hey there, I'm Niraj Makhare, a dedicated 3D artist and an indie game developer. My journey began in the 3D world after I proudly earned my degree in 3D animation from Pune, India back in 2019. Since then, I've been ceaselessly refining my skills.

As time went on, my fascination with game development grew. Yet, I encountered a persistent challenge - the scarcity of freely available textures and assets. This led me to a crossroads where I had to choose between investing time in asset creation or advancing my skills in game development.

Out of this struggle, the brainchild known as dev Alley was born. It's a testament to my determination to revolutionize the accessibility of 3D assets. This platform is not just a repository; it's a promise. A promise that these assets are not only available for personal and educational use, but are also open for commercial projects, forever!

With Dev Alley, you no longer need to worry about creating assets from scratch. The resources here are meticulously curated and ready to seamlessly integrate into your projects. Let's eliminate the barrier between you and your creative vision - use what's been crafted for you!

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