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Not only free, but all assets are also under the CC0 license, allowing you to utilize them for any purpose without constraints. No payment barriers, just download what you need and use it without any concerns.

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Our free assets are standardized for your projects of any kind. Our dedication lies in crafting superior resources that hold genuine value, all while maintaining a commitment to not contribute to the clutter on the web.

About dev Alley 3D

dev Alley is a public stylized asset library, providing free high-quality stylized 3D assets with PBR standard. With assets growing every week, every asset we release is entirely complimentary, governed by the CC0 license, which designates them as public domain resources. This means they can be employed by anyone, without limitations, for any purpose. You have full liberty to adapt, utilize, and distribute them without the need for attribution or acknowledgment of their source (although it is appreciated). Our commitment extends beyond mere usage rights. In today's online landscape inundated with downloadable 3D assets, we prioritize quality over quantity. Our goal is to create variety of assets that are, highest-quality, and 100% free!

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Creating stylized assets that are high in quality and standardized for games is time-consuming, but it's our passion.

Your backing on Patron helps us onboard more artist to continue providing fresh, high-quality assets for free and more quickly, enhancing our offerings. Join us in driving creativity forward! Thank you for your support!

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